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Mark Ammon - Mayor of Waitomo District

photo Mark I went to the Piopio website to remind myself about its content rather than for any specific information seeking reason. I did expect to find some current news about Piopio and was not disappointed. The site generally had all I expected, photos, maps and some history. Perhaps some news about local sports teams would be good - however I realize that level of information would need updating almost weekly.
I was pleased to find "notes" from the earlier meetings Waitomo DC had with Piopio residents in relation to the sewerage scheme planned for Piopio.
I thought I should mention the very generous hospitality shown to WDC at the last two meetings held with the Mokau river Maori people. These meetings were held at the Piopio Marae and it was a pleasure to attend them. While agreement has been elusive there are no grounds to criticize the spirit of discussion.
Having visited this website and having been asked to record my experience in writing I can say I'm now much more familiar with the "site" than in the past. I had to become so, in order to carry out that task. I think the site has a lot of potential benefit for Piopio and will be able to assist the promotion of the whole of Waitomo District.
I will definitely visit more frequently in future.
Best regards,
Mark Ammon - Mayor

Webmaster: We would love news about local sports teams and will include any we receive.

Jan Davies - Our first client

photo Jan I decided to have a wewbpage on to make myself known. I am an artist and wanted to be able to display my paintings without them being able to be copied. It was very new and nobody knew anything about it. It was a bit of a gamble, but I liked the site and the idea of it.
It has a good photo gallery, linked from my webpage and set so the photos cannot be stolen.
Although the site has had lots of hits, I have personally not had any feedback.
Jan Davies, Piopio Artist

Webmaster Associated with Dragon Networks, New Zealand