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Many of our readers connect to the internet by Dial-up connection.
Some webpages are too slowloading for the upload time allowed by Dial-up.
For faster loading, the PiopioNZ Noticeboard is presented in plain text.
It brings you the local primary school newsletters, the Birdtalk and often expands information from the News page relating to a number of our businesses and activities.
To contribute, first register (it's free) and then click on the Moderator's link for your chosen category within the Noticeboard. This will enable a private message on the noticeboard and an e-mail alert to the moderator, who must authorise anything being pubished.
Please contact Gaynor if you'd like a news or calendar section set up for your webpage.
This could be useful for clubs, sporting groups etc.
They can be private (Password required) or public.

Piopionews Mailing List is an e-mail noticeboard / discussion service for Piopio and the surrounding districts.
Members can discuss each other's topics, brainstorming ideas, etc.
Contributions are automatically sent to each member by e-mail. Some find this more convenient than checking the website.
In most e-mail programmes you can create a folder where messages from the list will be placed, and can be sorted according to topic.(ask how)
Public information will be copied from the list to the website noticeboard.
Apply here to join.
To avoid spam, an automated message will ask you to confirm the application (It may go into your bulk mail folder.), Membership Applications (and new members' messages) are subject to approval by the moderator, and you will be asked who you are if this is not obvious from your e-mail address. Once approved, you'll get a welcome message with relevant information.