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Interactive Map, slow loading, fully functional, large view GOOGLE MAP centred on Piopio, with markers showing locations of photos in the Piopio gallery.
Use the hand cursor to drag the map in any direction.
Zoom in and out to see anywhere in NZ or the World.
To centre elsewhere, zoom out, double click on your new location, and zoom in again.
[For full screen view, right click in the top bar (Browser toolbar),
and uncheck standard and address bars. Remember to check them again when finished.]

map1 Piopio’s main roads showing destinations.
For a clear print of any of these maps, open it in Maps Album of the Gallery, click PrintScreen button of your keyboard, then paste it into a Document, crop using the Picture toolbar, adjust it to fill the page, and print.




Several of the maps here are enlarged portions of the "b" section of Map R17 at LINZ Land Information New Zealand owns the Crown copyright in the material on that website which may be used, copied and re-distributed free of charge in any format or media. The source and copyright status must be acknowledged.

Piopio Aerial Photo 1

Piopio Aerial Photo 2

Piopio Aerial Photo 3

map Piopio's Country Roads (traced from LINZ maps R17b and S17a)
Click on centre of this map for full screen view.

map5 Zoom In is a neat wewbsite where you can zoom right in and see all the streets named. You can also select a street name and the map will show it. Enter a street number and it points to that position.

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