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shaped our community.

Please share your memories with us.

Helen Wilson Biography from Bronwyn Jones book, 'Wilson, Helen Mary 1869 - 1957'. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 7 April 2006
Robert Wells Photographer - teacher at Mairoa School in 1930s.

Rev Laughton

The Erebus Disaster Piopio was stunned as one of our men was on board.
and 26 Years later EREBUS: What really happened?



Books written about the District
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Waitanguru. These Are Our People Compiled by Stan Frederikson, for the Waitanguru Jubilee Committee Waitanguru 2004. and Stan's earleir book Waitanguru The Great Transformation 1990. King Country history. A collection of memories-Waitanguru, Mangaotaki, Ngapaenga, & Mairoa districts.

Mairoa 100 Years on 2006 Mairoa History Committee.




We would love to hear of other interesting stories or character studies of the district.

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