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Piopionz.com is a small website business



Manager: Gaynor McCartney gaynorm@piopionz.com
Web Design, Webmaster: Gaynor McCartney
Early Research Assistant: Margaret Arndt
Sales: Gaynor Ph 07 8778372

Gaynor In 2005 I needed our two sheep shorn and didn’t know who to ask as our son had moved away. I realised that if I, who had lived here for 36 years, did not know, there would be others who could not find such information. Having trained with Dragon Networks (a websites company in Atlanta, USA), I decided an information website was needed here. Although several people around Piopio had websites, there was no connection between them – nothing announcing to the internet world, *This Is Piopio*, and able to give up-to-the-minute local information.

Thus Piopionz.com was conceived in October, and born in April 2006. The website www.piopionz.com aims to be a comprehensive representation of businesses, clubs, farm-stays, activities and attractions available in or near our lovely district, a source of current information for locals and visitors. We are keen to include anything of interest to the community or to our visitors.
Please contact Gaynor McCartney - e-mail or Ph 07 8778372

www.piopionz.com is our Service to the Community.
After only six months, one site had become three, and soon five. It is intimately linked with www.in-piopio.co.nz and sister sites for the neighbouring towns, Te Kuiti, and Taumarunui.
The Travel site gives photos and links to information about travelling around New Zealand.
I hope to get permission to display on it all the pamphlets my friends and I gather while travelling.

On our Home Page just click the links to see
* the Directory - our Alphabetically Categorised free listing of as many as possible of the businesses etc serving our districts, with links where appropriate.
* an Introduction to Piopio and her surrounding Attractions ,
* the Gallery homepage,
* Birdtalk (our district newsletter),
* Primary School and College Newsletters,
* News page, Noticeboard, and Community Diary - Calendar. (These depend on people sending in information)
* a nice big Google Map centred on Piopio, from which we can zoom and re-centre to access any place in the world. In fact, at our request Google named Piopio on the Waitomo District sized map.
* and an emerging E-mail discussion list. Members write to one single “List” address to advertise or discuss, and the messages are e-mailed to all the members.

FREE listing on the Directory Page gives 3 or 4 lines of basic contact information
about your business etc.
Of course you need more:- Gaynor designs and manages Individual Web-Pages, photo albums and noticeboards. We like people to send information in their own wording, so their page sounds like them. Each photo album is accessed from the Gallery button on their own webpage.
We charge a nominal annual subscription, grossly underpriced as an incentive for everyone to become involved and help us make a really worthwhile resource.
Each individual web-page is woven into the websites for Piopio, Te Kuiti, and Taumarunui.
Thus all strengthen each other. (There will of course be no porn etc allowed here)

Information for the PiopioNZ Noticeboard, can be sent to Gaynor by phone, e-mail, or by private messages from links on the board.
Links to local media and blogs etc are found on the News page.

We celebrated our first year of service in April 07, and with Margaret Arndt helping with research and contacting people, our website expanded becoming "an information centre and noticeboard on the internet" for Piopio and the surrounding districts, as more and more people realise its potential.

This is a very interesting service to the community.

Advantages of this service above others:-
*Always availabel, no hunting for an elusive piece of paper. 24 - 7 - 365 access (Website hosts claim above 97% availability)
*a quality local resource.
*Locally managed, ready access to webmaster with locality interest
*personal service - not just a business
*Information usually uploaded within 24 hours
*Changes and updates usually loaded within 24 hours - very handy when errors have been made.
*and obviously the budget price

Disadvantages against other forms of publicity.
*Need an internet-connected computer to access it. (or some cell phones)
*Need to print out or request any items you want in hard-copy (on paper).